If you’re new to the city, looking for somewhere to indulge, or a seasoned sipper on the hunt for your next hit, you’ve come to the right place. This is Melbourne in a martini glass, wet or dry, however you like it…get excited, get BAR/D UP! // Showcasing an online video guide to the best bars, pubs, food & drinks Melbourne has to offer.


The origins of the barbecue date back a few centuries to the Caribbean, but over time us Australians have adopted this humble cooking method as our own.

At Birth is the inaugural event from Uprooted Projects, held at Carlisle Wine Bar and brought to you by Tom Hope and Paul Turner, two experienced chefs who have travelled the world to fine tune their craft.

When Bluebonnet Barbecue re-emerged at The North Fitzroy Star after a fire that closed the original Collingwood venue, it only seemed fitting that Chris Terlikar decided to call the front bar Loretta's after the burner which started the blaze.

Lygon Street may be famous for its Italian eateries but there's a Lady who lives down the Brunswick end, a hot latina named Carolina.

Grab your grapes, give 'em a little squeeze and what have you got? Squashed Grapes of course. With so many wine websites around, these are defintely the guys to choose for your booze.

Looking for a basement bar in the heart of the city that literally has all the bells & whistles? This is where Flinders Lane becomes memory lane as you follow the flashing lights to Bartronica.

Dark, brooding and equally majestic stands The Emerald Peacock on Lonsdale Street, silently and gently wooing Melburnians into his sanctuary, calling to them seductively to climb the stairs and be embraced by his warmth.

High above Smith Street, overlooking the treetops and the old buildings, Panama Dining blends 70's class with a touch of grunge to give patrons a relaxed...

When a master distiller from Mexico decides to come all the way to Australia to showcase his tequila, it is only fitting that he is welcomed with open arms by Melbourne's thriving bar scene...

How lucky are the people who live in Fitzroy to have the Rochester Hotel as their local neighbourhood rock 'n' roll pub with great beers on tap, quality cocktails on offer and the nicest staff to boot!

You can't live in Melbourne and not know about Cookie. And if you don't then you do now. There's no going back once you've climbed the stairs to Level 1 in Curtin House and through the door into this wonderland.

Ever wanted to go missing and not be found? Head down Chapel Street, duck into Jane Doe Bar, sink into the retro velvet couches and disappear from view in this dimly lit and intimate space.

You may not expect it, but prepare to be looked after by staff who actually care, and believe it when we tell you that you'll come back again and again, trying to discover what's so wrong with this place that makes it so right.

Plantation Rum held their first ever Zombie Cocktail Competition at The Rum Diary Bar in Fitzroy.

If you like to sit and sip amongst lush greenery with the sky so close you can almost touch it, then the Loop Roof is a little Garden of Eden in an urban jungle.

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