If you’re new to the city, looking for somewhere to indulge, or a seasoned sipper on the hunt for your next hit, you’ve come to the right place. This is Melbourne in a martini glass, wet or dry, however you like it…get excited, get BAR/D UP! // Showcasing an online video guide to the best bars, pubs, food & drinks Melbourne has to offer.


A very unique bar opened in Exhibition Street named 1806, and whether they planned to or not, they have successfully placed themselves as one of the top cocktail venues in Melbourne.

Lazerpig is unique. It’s a pizza place, a bar, a restaurant, a late night space to listen to sweet tunes and have a dance, plus you can even order takeaway or get home delivery.

Hosted in a hidden warehouse not far from the restaurant in Collingwood, diners were treated to a Sichuan inspired degustation using quality produce in a space that was decorated by Shu himself.

Smoked meats, Texan style BBQ and Southern themed dishes have taken their place in Melbourne's food scene and show no sign of disappearing anytime soon, which is great for Tonino Cordisco and his great venue The Gem Bar in Collingwood, since that's the food he serves here.

Way back in 2000 a new and very different place called Polly opened and set the benchmark for bars in the area with great service and high end cocktails.

Hidden above Captain Melville on the site of Melbourne's oldest pub and accessed from an old wooden staircase is the very intimate Loch & Key.

Let the northerly breeze guide you across the road to your salvation, like a mirage in the desert, you'll find a place known simply as The Botanical.

First birthday parties are always special, it's the time you celebrate the fact you survived a whole year and didn't sell your child into slavery or kill yourself. Copious amounts of alcohol will generally do the trick and most parents' saving grace.

Named after Princess Elena of Montenegro who married the King of Italy, Amaro Montenegro began its story in 1885 in Bologna being distilled by founder Stanislao Cobianchi.

Like any other fox, Rupert sleeps by day and comes alive as the sun begins to fade, welcoming hungry and thirsty people into his lair.

Voted as Asia's number one bar, those lucky enough to get a ticket were hosted at The Everleigh and able to sample some of 28 HKS's signature cocktails.

Wizey Baleitavuki is centre stage slinging drinks in this neon lit, frat themed den of American dive bar goodness.

The origins of the barbecue date back a few centuries to the Caribbean, but over time us Australians have adopted this humble cooking method as our own.

At Birth is the inaugural event from Uprooted Projects, held at Carlisle Wine Bar and brought to you by Tom Hope and Paul Turner, two experienced chefs who have travelled the world to fine tune their craft.

When Bluebonnet Barbecue re-emerged at The North Fitzroy Star after a fire that closed the original Collingwood venue, it only seemed fitting that Chris Terlikar decided to call the front bar Loretta's after the burner which started the blaze.

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